I have been sick for almost four years. In February 2008 I had a bladder infection and then my lower back started to pain chronically.

Since that day I have never been without pain. Several doctors tried to cure my back problem.

I can't bend over to make my bed it is too sore. Doctors prescribe different medication for my pain and nothing helped. I was tired every day. If I wake up in the morning it feels if a have never slept. I have a lack of energy; my hair was starting to fall out and I also had memory loss. Since I have started with acupuncture and the treatments it is helping me.

Within two weeks my hair did not fall out as much as it did before. I sleep and don't stand up tired anymore. I have energy for the whole day, without feeling tired.The good thing about this treatment is that there are no side effects and you get results within two weeks.

I feel like the person I was before the illness. After the acupuncture and the massage my back feels so good and for the rest of the day I experience no pain in my lower back. I can now remember and concentrate in class again.


Thanks to Dr. Judy I can be myself again.

Annedi Steenkamp
Bladder - August 2011