Testimonial Candice


I went to see Dr. Mark to treat my sleep issues, anxiety and thyroid.

As a new mom that is breastfeeding, it is always a worry taking chemical medicine as you are never sure what transfers into your breast milk so I was looking for a natural alternative.

I was highly recommended Dr. Mark so when I was down for a visit (I live in Sydney). I made an appointment the day after I arrived. I was treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Hand on my heart I have never slept better than I did that holiday and my anxiety was gone. My 2.5 month old baby was also very settled and began sleeping well too.

I have taken 3 month supply of the herbal medicine back to Sydney with me and customs had no problem with that amount. I would like to thank Dr Mark for the treatment and will be back next year for a check up!
Candice StaadeckeR​
Anxiety and Thyroid - June 2014

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