Testimonial Gordon


I would like to thank Dr. Mark & Judy Chiang Lin from the bottom of our hearts.

All my life I have suffered from severe sinus infections three to four times a year, I was very close to having an operation to relieve the problem (hopefully).

I consulted Dr. Mark and he prescribed acupuncture and a course of medication to strengthen my immune system and also reduce the mucous in my sinuses. I have been free of any infection for months now and also have peaceful and uninterrupted nights sleep.

I have a daughter that has also inherited my condition and unfortunately, she had been operated on, but without a positive result. I took her to see Dr. Mark and he has been able to reduce her mucous and strengthen her immune system.

We are both on a self medicating program from Dr. Mark and have experienced a whole new world of being able to breath and smell lovely fragrances for the first time.

Thank you Dr. Mark for your intervention and I would recommend that everyone try the more gentle method of assisting the body to repair itself before drastic action like surgery or antibiotics are used.
Gordon Foulis
Sinus - November 2011

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