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Six Years ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes with the highest blood sugar of 409 (100 is normal in America).

I tried the prescribed diet, Glucophage and insulin, but still ended up with higher than normal blood sugars, fatigue, neuropathy in both feet, constipation and brain fog. I gradually got more worried about my future and I knew I was in deep trouble. I also followed a diet of no fructose, sugar and carbohydrates, but still the blood sugar readings remained around 200.

Through my sister in Cape Town, I heard about Dr. Judy and the remarkable results she got for her health problems within 3 weeks – I knew this was my answer.

On my arrival in Cape Town, my reading was 264, was severely constipated and had muscle aches in my one arm and leg.

From the first treatment on, the blood sugar dropped to readings like 144, 141, 110, 157 and I could feel the “wellbeing” in my body. I felt like my old self again. Dr. Judy and Dr. Mark received me with love and compassion. She listened to my health complaints and pinpointed exactly what was wrong with my body. At the end of my 12 day vocation, I said goodbye to her as if she was much more than just my doctor.

As a registered nurse for 34 years, I know that modem medicine has no real cure or treatment for diabetes. I can only wish that all diabetic patients could be in my shoes and experience the treatment and acupuncture from Dr. Judy.
I am going back to California with my bags full or real (herbal) medicines and I know now that my blood sugar and general health will be better or at least well controlled. Thank you Dr. Judy
Hennan Pires
Type II Diabetes - October 2011

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