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Initially I Paul Coetser made an appointment to seek pain relief due to diagnosed Spinal Stenosis. The continued use of pain suppressing medication became of great concern to my general health.

At the time of treatment my pain level was severe. After only 2 treatments the pain level was reduced to a manageable level and is still such that the surgery option can be deferred as a last choice which has no guarantee with regards to pain relief.

In the case of my wife who complained and suffered from severe pain in her right leg knee to such an extent that it affected her mobility. We followed the usual route of X-Ray and consultation with an orthopedic surgeon who advised a knee replacement (Pronto). My wife was not keen to accept the diagnosis and as a last resort made an appointment with your practice.

The result of your treatment was mobility restored, pain gone – walking and stair climbing – painless, now for nearly one year. In the case of our eldest son and after a series of consultation elsewhere for his unique and uncommon problem we witness the following.

His neck pain forced his head into a 90’ degree position to his body. For days liquid intake was via a straw and food to the mouth by hand. In desperation we follow the route of Chiropractic first, which required an X-Ray – the practitioner Refused to do any treatment.

The next step was consult a medical practice which after viewing the X-Ray required an MRI scan. The scan could not be done because the neck and head position on the body could not allow entry into the tunnel. The next step was a pain killing injection – which was of no benefit.

The next suggestion was an anesthetist and then – For the neck and head in line – our son refused the route of forcing his neck and head to enter for scanning. As a last resort we arranged an appointment with your practice. While waiting in the reception room anticipating no result – GREAT was my surprise to come and see our son standing upright with neck and head in the normal position.

The result achieved in about 45 minutes by Dr. Judy was a miracle and a great surprise.
Paul Coetser
Pain Relief - September 2011

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