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I own and run a Textile Screen Printing Company. Four years ago I started getting chest pains, short of breath and can’t walk very far.
I went to my doctor who refer me to a Cardio Specialist who send me for test and discovered I have severe blockages in my main heart blood vessel.  They also discovered I had angina hypertension, high blood sugar and cholesterol the specialist send me to hospital where they did further tests. The doctors at the hospital suggested to have a by pass, that day I came home and told a friend of mine who suggested I go to Dr. Y.K. Chianglin he examined me and started me on Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

After one week I could feel the difference I now can walk for long distances, something I could not do before after attending Dr. Chianglin’s Clinic for one year I went back to hospital and was seen by the professor at the Cardio Clinic who then discharged me from hospital.  After the treatment from Dr. Chianglin for the past year I feel a big improvement in my life I can move and run around in the factory all day long.  Dr. Chianglin not only treated me with he’s medical expertise but also with his friendly, compassion and caring manner.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone.  Thank you for all you have done for me. Yours sincerely
Trevor Trimble
Chest Pain - November 2011

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